Fellow FOP Active and Associate members:

This is a call to action!  Please review this op-ed written by Bro. Scott Dames FOP Covington Lodge #1 concerning HB 296. (link is below) This bill will seriously alter KY’s current worker’s comp system for those workers in ALL facets of employment (not just first responders) who are partially disabled on the job, but can still work in some form or fashion.  We need EVERYONE to call your KY Senator before Monday to voice your displeasure and opposition to this bill and insist your Senator votes no if it comes to the floor.  Sen. Wil Schroder sits on the committee that will review this House bill before it goes to the Senate floor.  Your call is VERY IMPORTANT!

Those of you who live in KY, here are your Senators by county:  Boone: Sen. John Schickel / Campbell-Bracken-Pendleton: Wil Schroder /

Kenton: Taylor Mill and north: Chris McDaniel – Independence and south, Grant and Scott Counties: Damon Thayer.

The number you can call 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM in the evening is 1-800-372-7181.  Give them your name and address (they can confirm your Senator for you) and let them know you wish to oppose HB 296 and wish your Senator to oppose it as well.

This is very important to ALL of KY’s workers, so pass this onto EVERYONE of your friends who live in KY!!  With your help, we’ll get this bill defeated and save our workers comp system that is working just fine!



The following is a link to Representative Koenig’s Response.  He refers to the FOP as being misleading, but please read the responses to hie response.  There is a lot of smoke and mirror talk in all of this: